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1 March 18, 2016

Articles and Statements

1. Alexandr N. Bondar
Thе Social-Topographic Structure of Town Horodnya in 17 Th – 19th Centuries

Gardarika, 2016, Vol. (6), Is. 1, pp. 4-10.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2016.6.4CrossRef

The article is devoted to problems of formation of social and topographical structure of the town Horodnya in 17th – 19th centuries. It arose in the first half of the 17th century both privately sloboda Hvoschy’s family. In early 18th century. Horodnya was hundred's town Chernigov Regiment. Buildings of Horodnya subordinate terrain. All major streets run parallel to the river Chibrizh. The main features of the development of the village preserved in our time.

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2. Arthur Chubur
The Settlement Structure in the Upper Paleolithic as a Migration Marker

Gardarika, 2016, Vol. (6), Is. 1, pp. 11-25.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2016.6.11CrossRef

The hierarchic typology of Paleolithic dwellings is presented. I levels: artificial features and natural shelters. II levels: dwellings-settlement and elementary dwellings. Level III for elementary dwellings: bone-earthen, with some large bones, without bones. To dwellings-settlements concern Kostenki-Avdeevo complexes (lengthy facility with a line of the hearths, on a site surrounded by storage pits and recessed into the mainland huts), “lengthy houses” Kostenki IV (lengthy facility with a line of the hearths), habitation Yeliseevichi complex (site surrounded by recessed into the mainland huts). Based on ethnographic analogies from different points of the globe following hypothesis is proposed to explain the phenomenon of "settlement-houses." A similar build was elaborated in stereotype similar situations. This is one of the self-adaptive mechanisms of people who were on the open spaces uncontrolled by them only just new spaces. Life on foreign soil forced to seek a closed, compact layout of the settlement. It gave not only physical protection, but also a sense of security and control space. The sacred space of the house extends to all settlement. The dwellings-settlements may serve as a marker for non indigenous a population.

URL: http://ejournal26.com/journals_n/1458315414.pdf
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3. Sergey I. Degtyarev
Materials for the History of the Human Settlements of «Baturyn County»: Hamlet (Selo) Obmachev and Township (Mestechko) Novye Mliny

Gardarika, 2016, Vol. (6), Is. 1, pp. 26-40.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2016.6.26CrossRef

This work continues the publication of descriptions of human settlements of Baturyn county (uezd) in the Ukraine (Malorossia), which were presented to the last Ukrainian hetman Kirill Razumovsky by Empress Elizabeth (Elizaveta Petrovna) in 1760. The author gives a description of the hamlet (selo) Obmachev and township (mestechko) Novye Mliny. In the preface shows the unknown pages of the history of these settlements.

URL: http://ejournal26.com/journals_n/1458315460.pdf
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4. Timur A. Magsumov, Gleb O. Kovzik
Socialist Competitions in Culture (on Materials of Naberezhnye Chelny in 1974-1985)

Gardarika, 2016, Vol. (6), Is. 1, pp. 41-52.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2016.6.41CrossRef

In article the purposes, essence and manifestations of socialist competitions in the field of culture of an era of "stagnation" are revealed. The city of Naberezhnye Chelny in 1974-1985 becomes the focus of research. Article is under construction on the basis of the standard and legal, newspaper and office work materials extracted from city archive and for the first time introduced for scientific use. Local sociohistorical conditions of the city have generated special attention of local authorities to the sphere of culture. Therefore authors focus important attention on feature of carrying out socialist competitions in focus of the city-forming enterprise under construction KAMAZ and the cities. Authors point to undoubted quantitative progress in carrying out a number of actions in the field of culture. In article the obvious problems which are shown in lack of a variety of forms of competitions, "flight behind figures", poor quality of service of the population reveal. In the conditions of quickly growing young city it became one of the most important factors of destabilization of sociocultural climate in Post-Soviet time.

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5. Evgenij M. Osadchij
Romny Fortress in the X-XVIII Centuries

Gardarika, 2016, Vol. (6), Is. 1, pp. 53-72.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2016.6.53CrossRef

The article analyzes the history of the fortification of the fortress in the town of Romny. On the basis of written and cartographic sources recreated image of the fortress of ancient time period, the Commonwealth and New time period. Data of the fortress are submited in the context of the historical events that took place in the Upper Posullya and having an impact on the development of Romney fortification fortress.

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