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1 December 25, 2018

Articles and Statements

1. Alexandr N. Bondar
The Defense Tower-Bell 17th century in Sulichevka

Gardarika, 2018, 5(1): 3-12.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2018.1.3CrossRef

The article is devoted to the defensive bell tower of the 17th century in Sulichеvka. This monument is unique and has no analogues in Ukraine. An analysis of the available material showed that the bell tower was built not later than the end of the 17th century. Initially, it was part of the complex construction of a fortified manor. From the manor there was a small ditch from the north side and a tower. In the 18th century the tower and manor lost their defensive purpose. On the site of the estate in the late 18 century a church was built. Initially, the church and the bell tower stood separately from each other. However, in 1894 they were connected by a corridor. The tower plays the role of the bell tower today. In the early 2000's it was restored, but very poorly. This led to an excess of moisture and a crack in the basement of the tower.

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2. Evgenij M. Osadchij
Vorozhba Fortress in the X – XVIII centuries

Gardarika, 2018, 5(1): 13-26.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2018.1.13CrossRef

The present article is devoted to the history one of the fortresses on the Middle Psel. The first fortifications were built by the tribes of Severians in the mouth of Vorozhba and Psel. This fortresses became of the part of Kievan Rus. The remains of the fortifications are known as "Gorodische", it gave the name one of the areas of Putyvl's estate. The fortress, that is called Vorozhba was built by kozaks on the site of the old fortifications in the middle of the XVII century. This fortifications are typical for Kozak's fortifications and were built of wood and earth. In the XVII century, the fortress have felt and the settlement was moved to another place, that was situated upstream of the Vorozhba river.

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