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1 March 16, 2021


1. Evgenij M. Osadchij
Battle of Putivl in the Summer of 1659

Gardarika, 2021, 8(1): 3-12.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2021.1.3CrossRef

The article is devoted to the analysis of the events that took place after the Battle of Konotop. The retreat of the Moscow army under the command of Prince Alexei Trubetskoy took place under constant fire from the Ukrainian Cossacks and Tatars. The night battle near the village of Kazachya Dubrava was very fierce. Both sides suffered losses, and the Moscow army approached the crossing of the Seim without opposition from the Cossacks and Tatars. After the crossing, the Moscow army withdrew to Putivl, and the Cossack-Tatar army was located near the Chash hillfort. At that time, near Vygorevo hillfort there was a large train with gunpowder and lead. He could not cross the Seim River. A detachment from the Putivl garrison was assigned to protect it. 200 Tatar soldiers, Cossacks and Putivl warriors took part in the battle for this wagon train. The guard of the convoy was able to repulse the attacks and after the army of hetman Ivan Vyhovsky turned south, he was able to reach Putivl. The battle near the Vygorevo hillfort was one of the components of the great battle that took place in the summer of 1659 near Konotop and Putivl.

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2. Ol'ga Yu. Larionova
The Merchants of the Votkinsk Factory Lelyakov: Pages of History

Gardarika, 2021, 8(1): 13-22.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2021.1.13CrossRef

In 2001, a two-storied stone house on Lenin Street, 49, in the Votkinsk city, ornamented with decorative masonry, was recognized as an architectural monument “The House of Lelyakov, the end of the XIX century” of regional significance. This is one of the very few houses in Votkinsk, where both the facade of the building and the original interior decoration elements have been preserved unchanged. At the same time, no information about the owner of the house and the type of activity of the Lelyakovs' family has yet been known. This study allowed us to find out the size of the Lelyakovs' family, the details of their private life, and also track the success of the business activities of the members of this family, who from the middle of the XIX to the beginning of the XX centuries changed their affiliation to several estates: from the peasant to the merchant and middle-class, and individual family members then returned to the estate equivalent to the peasant, becoming rural inhabitants. Evdokim Semyonovich Lelyakov came to the Votkinsky plant in the middle of the XIX century from the Ryazan province together with two married sons and grandchildren. It was discovered that several houses built by the Lelyakov brothers in the second half of the XIX century have been preserved in Votkinsk.

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3. Aleksandr А. Cherkasov
Cherkasovs (Keretskys): Pavel Ivanovich Cherkasov (1938–2010)

Gardarika, 2021, 8(1): 23-35.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2021.1.23CrossRef

The paper focuses on the outstanding representative of the Cherkasov family from Keret – the Soviet and Russian inventor Pavel Ivanovich Cherkasov (1938−2010). This work is the first attempt to summarize the available information and write the first complete biography of the outstanding inventor. As sources there were used the materials of personal origin, namely, an interview with Pavel Ivanovich, which was given in the mid 1990s and published on the web in 2003, as well as memories of Pavel Ivanovich Cherkasov by his daughter Galina Sokol (maiden name Cherkasova). In methodological terms, the descriptive method is widely used in the work, which allowed us to consider the information presented in fragments to restore the biographical picture of the life of Pavel Ivanovich Cherkasov. Besides this, a retrospective method was applied, thanks to which we were able to consider the events in their chronological sequence. In conclusion, the author states that Pavel Ivanovich Cherkasov (1938−2010) was a versatile personality – he played musical instruments, drew, sculpted, carved wood, but his main occupation was invention. 30 years of his stay in Kamchatka made him the best inventor of this region, the winner of the state prize of the USSR. His inventions were applied in such areas as shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, woodworking, agriculture, and the forestry industry. The applicants for his patents were not only Soviet organizations, but also organizations from Japan and Germany. This laid the foundation for the high-tech cooperative “Mayak” created by P.I. Cherkasov, which sold 700 licenses for its inventions in 1990−1993.

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4. Nicholas W. Mitiukov
Baigurov's Family Photo-Archive as a Source about Izhevsk Water Transport

Gardarika, 2021, 8(1): 36-42.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2021.1.36CrossRef

Family photo-archives are one of the most valuable historical sources, currently practically not introduced into scientific circulation. This work analyzes and publishes ten photographs from the family archive of Dmitry Gavrilovich Baigurov, who has worked for almost half a century as the captain of the Izhevsk steamer «Svoboda». The published sample is thematically subdivided into three clusters: Baigurov in the Gorky’s Summer Garden in Izhevsk (2 photos), Baigurov with relatives at the steamer «Svoboda» (2 photos) and on the deck of the steamer during or after working with members of the steamer's crew (6 pictures). Especially valuable are photographs of the third group, which within the framework of the «history of everyday life» provide valuable information about the working days of the steamer «Svoboda». Apparently, all photographs of the analyzed sample were taken in the 1940s−1950s. In general, Baigurov's photo-archive is a valuable historical source on water transport in Izhevsk.

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