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2 June 30, 2015

1. Marina A. Gerasko
The Estate of Kyrylo Rozumovskyi from the Unkown Drawing

Gardarika, 2015, Vol. (3), Is. 2. pp. 48-57.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2015.3.48CrossRef

The article discusses the history of the construction and destruction of the suburban residence of K. Rozumovskyi. The country estate was built on the southern territory of Goncharivka (Baturyn suburb ) on the site of the palace of I. Mazepa. Archaeologists has proved, that this place was not burned and ruined by O. Menshykov's troops, in comparison with the town Baturyn. According to the historical sources the church and the walls of Mazepa's palace were preserved and Kyrylo Rozumovskyi decided to use it for his suburban residence. In 1750 empress Elyzaveta Petrivna issued an Edict to transfer the hetman's capital from Glukhiv to Baturyn and, possibly, Kyrylo Rozumovskyi, having his own reasons for that, made a dicision to build his residence on that very place, where the mansion of I. Mazepa and his predecessors were located before.

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2. Evgenij M. Osadchij
Fortress of Miropol’e Sity of XVII – XVIIIth Centuries

Gardarika, 2015, Vol. (3), Is. 2. pp. 58-68.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2015.3.58CrossRef

In the middle of the XVII century Muscovy there is an urgent need for construction of border forts in the Psel middle reaches. Since the beginning of Slobozhanshchina colonization on its territory appear several town founded by the Cossacks, one of which was Miropol’e. It consisted of fortresses and fortified quarter. This town was located at the water crossing of Psel. In the second half of the XVII century the fortress became part of the south-west part of Belgorod, connecting border towns: Volniy and Rylsk. At that time, Miropol’e was a sotnya’s town of Sumy slobozhanian regiment. In 1786 began works on the redevelopment of urban tenements. As a result, Miropol’e have got an radial construction, and retained the historic center.

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3. Sergey I. Degtyarev
The Episode from the History of Provincial town Bilopillia: the fire April 19, 1849 and its Implications

Gardarika, 2015, Vol. (3), Is. 2. pp. 69-76.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2015.3.69CrossRef

The article describes the events that occurred in the mid-nineteenth century. in a provincial town Bilopillia. At this time there was a major fire that destroyed estate of many city residents. For overcoming consequences of this tragedy the government has allocated for the affected а loan that they should have been returned in a few years. These are not all been able to do. This situation was typical for the society of the Russian Empire in the nineteenth century. The article illustrates the reaction of the inhabitants of a small town to an emergency situation; shows the participation of local officials in the life of the city in this period.

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4. Olga Y. Chekeres
Sanatorium Ordzhonikidze: the Pre-War Period Activity (November 6, 1937 – Summer 1941)

Gardarika, 2015, Vol. (3), Is. 2. pp. 77-80.
DOI: 10.13187/gard.2015.3.77CrossRef

In the article on the basis of documents of Archival Department of Sochi administration is considered the pre-war history departmental sanatorium of the people's Commissariat of heavy industry – sanatorium. S. Ordjonikidze. The attention is paid to the medical profile of the sanatorium, as well as to the renaming process.

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