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1 June 25, 2023


1. Sergey L. Astapovich, Nicholas W. Mitiukov
Photos from the Family Archive of N.V. Sergeev as a Source on Water Transport in Sarapul

Gardarika. 2023. 10(1): 3-9.

The work is publishing the family photo archive of Nikolai Vasilyevich Sergeev (1927–2009), provided by T.Yu. Sergeeva. He worked from 1949 to 1963 at the Simonikha’s repair and operational base or vessels assigned to it. As a result of the analysis, it was assumed that the photographs were mainly from the early 1960s and were made either on the deck of the steamship “Mechanik Kalashnikov” or from its board (on which N.V. Sergeev worked). Basically, the photographs show everyday scenes of the work of rivermen and therefore they have a certain value within the framework of the history of everyday life. And since the vessels of the Kama River Shipping Company were included in the frame, they are also valuable for reconstructing the history of the development of river transport in the region.

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2. Aleksandr A. Cherkasov
Cherkasovs (Keretskys): Yurii Petrovich Cherkasov (1939–2022)

Gardarika. 2023. 10(1): 10-17.

The paper examines the biography of Yurii Petrovich Cherkasov (1939–2022), a representative of the Cherkasovs (Keretskys) family. The source base is represented by the archival materials and sources of personal origin. There were used the documents from the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts (Moscow, Russian Federation) and the National Archive of the Republic of Karelia (Petrozavodsk, Russian Federation) among the archival materials. The materials of personal origin are presented by personal documents of Yurii Petrovich Cherkasov (work book, diplomas, etc.), as well as memoirs. In conclusion, the author states that Yurii Petrovich Cherkasov spent his whole life with mining – working in mines. He began his work at the mine at the age of 21 in 1960, in 1967 he graduated from the Krivoy Rog Mining Institute and became a mining master of underground works. He worked in this position until 1997, far exceeding the required period for retirement, which was limited to 25 years of work in the mine. However, even after that, Yurii Petrovich did not retire, but only moved to a less difficult front of work – a mining dispatcher, where he worked for another 14 years. Cherkasov retired in 2011 at the 73rd year of his life, having given 51 years to the mine. However, not only the mine was in his life, in a rare time of rest he loved hunting and outdoor recreation. A well-known miner's proverb says: “No hunter without a gun, no carpenter without an axe, no miner without knowledge” – this was Yurii Petrovich Cherkasov.

URL: https://g.cherkasgu.press/journals_n/1698424329.pdf
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3. Nadezhda I. Demidova, Vladislav V. Zhdanov
Photos from the Family Archive of I.G. Novgorodtsev as a Source about the Perm Paramilitary Fire Department and the Steamship “Groza”

Gardarika. 2023. 10(1): 18-28.

The article publishes photographs from the Novgorodtsev family archive, reflecting the service of the head of the family, Ivan Grigorievich Novgorodtsev, in the 19th paramilitary guard detachment of the Ministry of River Fleet from 1952 to 1960. All photographs are made in black and white, characteristic of that time, and are published for the first time. Their analysis was carried out, based on the available dating and images, it was revealed that, apparently, the paramilitary guards of the Kama River Shipping Company during this period experienced problems with uniforms. In particular, the people depicted in the photographs have numerous deviations from the latest instructions on clothing, issued long before by the ministry. Based on the paperwork documentation of the Kama River Shipping Company, a reconstruction was made of the biography of the fire vessel «Groza», depicted in photographs from the family archive. The ship, built in 1929, came to the Kama after the war as part of reparations and was a former tugboat “Frida”. In 1948 it was renamed “Kambala”, and in 1950 “Groza”. The fire vessel was listed on the balance sheet of the shipping company until its decommissioning in 1967. Thus, photographs of the family archives of shipping company employees have enormous potential for clarifying the facts of the history of the river fleet and its individual structures, which are not even mentioned in official documentation. This, in particular, is especially relevant, for example, for the paramilitary and fire protection – a rather closed structure, due to the limited source base, which has not been studied and has not been studied to date.

URL: https://g.cherkasgu.press/journals_n/1698254773.pdf
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4. Ol'ga Yu. Larionova
Сraftsmen and Officers of the Votkinsk Plant, Sarapul District in Vyatka Province Ivukovy

Gardarika. 2023. 10(1): 29-44.

The study is devoted to the reconstruction of the business and private life of the workers of the Votkinsk Ivorkov plant, descendants of the craftsmen – the first settlers of Votkinsk, among whom were the masters of the first article of the shipbuilding workshop and the senior clerk of the Department – the First rank of the Main Office, i.e. deputy Mining Chief. This study managed to establish the location of the houses that belonged to them. So, the plot with the house on Kirova Street, 32, currently semi-stone, belonged to the heirs of the family of the Old Believer Osip Ivanovich Yakov (1821–1887). The stone building, decorated with brick ornaments, elongated by an extension in the Soviet years, at 34 Lenin Str., belonged to a rural philistine Grigory Ivanovich Yankov. The clerk at the Votkinsk district administration, Dmitry Yakovlevich Ivukov, lived in a wooden house under the iron roof of the Ivukov heirs on Kontorskaya Street. His house, which stood four houses away from Pisligin's house (Kirova Str., 21), may have been demolished during the Soviet years due to the construction of school No. 17 on this site. To date, the archives have not yet found a map-diagram of the division into quarters of four rural societies of the village of Votkinsky Zavod, but in 2020 we introduced the household census of 1866 into scientific circulation, which, along with plans for the construction of houses to residents of the village, allows you to specify the locations of ancient buildings and their owners. Houses reflect the personality traits of their owners and the level of prosperity, therefore they are an important document of the era. The study made it possible to restore the location of individual quarters of four rural societies of the Votkinsk plant.

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5. Evgenij M. Osadchij
Chronicle City of Turov

Gardarika. 2023. 10(1): 45-54.

The article is devoted to the localization of Turov – one of the settlements mentioned in the ancient Russian annals. Its mention is connected with the events of the devastation of Akhmat's settlements on the territory of the Kursk reign in the winter of 1283–1284. Turov is associated with the first part of the chronicle story, it is here that the convoy of the Tatars and the civilian population, taken prisoner by the Tatar army near the city of Vorgol, arrives. To localize and determine the type of this settlement, the text of the Simeon and Trinity Chronicles is used, in which the route of the convoy is described more clearly. To localize the chronicle city of Turov, maps of the 18th – 20th centuries and data from archaeological research were also involved. As a result, the chronicle Turov can be identified with the archaeological complex near the village of Korenskoye. It consists of a hillfort with powerful fortifications and a large settlement.

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